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Safety culture starts at the top!

Helen Bitmead - Thursday, October 06, 2016

For over 25 years we have worked for, and collaborated with, a huge variety of companies across a wide range of industries, assisting them in making safety, induction and training videos.  More

Things you should know before making a Company Video

Colin Bell - Thursday, June 02, 2016

If you're thinking of having a safety video or corporate video filmed, here are some points you should think about before commissioning a film company.

These points come up on every project we film, whether it’s a safety video, large corporate film or a small instructional video. Have a think about these and your finished Video will be something you can be proud of. More

Top tips for making videos with a smartphone

Helen Bitmead - Monday, May 09, 2016

In a previous blog, we taught you about the power of video-based learning to educate. But what if your filming budget is minimal or non-existent? Does that mean giving up on the whole video idea altogether - or is there another way? With a little thought and preparation, you might find that your smartphone is…smarter than you thought. More

A picture tells a thousand words - just imagine what video can do!

Helen Bitmead - Friday, July 17, 2015
Video content is emerging as one of the best forms of education no matter what age. This makes sense - for Gen Y and Z it is intuitive and a seamless way of learning. But even if you’re a little more ‘mature’ than that, I bet you have noticed that the way you access information has changed over the years, with a movement towards more video content.

Who hasn’t turned to YouTube to work out how to fix, operate, manage or simply view how something is done? And social media can certainly put its hand up for fuelling the unquenchable thirst for video content.  More